Aug 21, 2009

Hot and Humid

Boy, it’s sure been hot, hot, hot, and humid, humid, humid. Now I'm not one to normally complain about the heat, but this is ridiculous. I couldn’t even get dressed at 6am this morning without sweating. Now I’m looking forward to Fall and all that comes along with it. Joseph_Whiting_Stock_-_Portrait_Of_Addison_C._Rand_1844_os_38x47 It's finally cooled down some this evening and supposed to rain all day tomorrow. That will give me time to do some tweaking and re-arranging in my new kitchen. I’ve been blog hopping and looking at the posts from several who posted pictures of textures in their homes. Now I’ve got the bug and want to take some of mine. Maybe tomorrow!

So, anyway, I just download windows live writer and wanted to play around with the program. Look at the pictures. Love the effects don’t you?  You can do so many cool things with images and formatting. Just google windows live writer and it’s free to download.  Joseph_Whiting_Stock_-_Double_Portrait_Of_Boy_And_Girl_os_39x47

You can crop, tilt, watermark, do cool borders like the rounded corners I did on the one on the right, neat effects like black and white and sepia tone.

Well I think the heat has really gotten to me! So I will close for tonight. But I wanted to share how cool this program is, You got to check it out.

Have a “cool” evening.

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