Aug 6, 2009

Advise Please!!!

Okay, I really need some help. If you look at the picture in the previous post, you'll see the one with the "ugly" vertical blinds on the patio door. The more I look at that picture, the more I think those blinds just don't work!! I have to have something there that will give us some privacy, but I'm not sure what I should use. Perhaps a tabbed curtain that can be drawn back during the day and pulled at night? When the hard wood flooring was installed a few days ago, I had to take them down because they're too long and I really don't want to put them back up. What should I do. Your help would really be appreciated!! Please, please, please???

We are really close to having this kitchen finally done! It's a good thing too, cause I'm just exhausted. Got the last of the walls painted this afternoon. All of the cabinets are up except for one. That's because I've getting lazy and didn't paint it until the other day. My patience is all but gone with this project and I'm really frustrated because the dishwasher and sink are not hooked up yet. I know....whine, whine,whine. Even I'm tired of hearing myself. LOL

On a good note though, I wanted to share this picture of the beautiful early settlers primitive hanging cupboad that I got a few weeks ago. This is the pic from the auction. Right now it's still in the box, but I will have that baby hanging up soon. I just love it!

I hope everyone has a great evening. And....don't forget to leave me a comment with your advise on the sliding glass door treatment.


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1 sweet friends said:

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ on August 7, 2009 at 7:35 AM said...

Well, first of all...CONGRATS!! :)

Your kitchen is lookin GREAT, girl!! It's a stressful reno, isn't it??? seems never ending!! I gotta say, it about did me in!
Love your colors and the wood (pine?) and your light's all coming together perfectly!!!
I love that corner cupboard ya got!
About your window treatment, I agree those blinds don't belong in your beautiful kitchen ;)
Your thinking, along the lines of a tab top, is the way to go...or anything (fabric) than can be pulled back would look great.

Great job, girl...I know it's been a lot of hard work...but WOW, you're doin a fantasic job! LOVE IT!

have a great day and a happy weekend!