Jan 5, 2010

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Brrrrrrr...baby it's cold outside. I feel like we are living in the Tundra in upstate New York. We are used to cold weather in January, but this beyond cold. The wind is gusting and snow drifts everywhere. One minute it's clear and the next is a whiteout. It's been brutally cold for the last week and the weather claims it's here to stay for the next couple of weeks. It's been snowing every day since New Years Eve. Not a lot each day, but enough to add up to around 10 inches or so. And we are expecting a snow storm Thursday night.

Well the Christmas decorations are all down and packed away. The house looks so "BIG" now. I really love Christmas and everything that goes along with it, but it sure is nice when it comes time to take it all down and clean really good. And of course a great opportunity to re-arrange furniture. It's funny, the hubby always seems to not be around then.

I hope your new year is starting out great! We decided on New Years Eve to go out and try to find a new stove. I didn't bake any cookies this year, mostly because my new job kept me so busy, but also because of the stove we had. It was only two years old, but the oven was not even close to being accurate. I always had to guess what to set it at and how long to bake anything. I finally got fed up with it when I cooked a meat loaf last week and after an hour in the oven, it was still raw in the middle. YUK! So frustrating. So after a little temper tantrum (smile) our new stove will be in Thursday. I did some research and found the GE Profile had the best reviews. That little sucker is awesome! It has a convection oven and a meat probe which I find just fascinating. It's just like a meat thermometer, and once whatever you are cooking is done the oven just shuts it self off. Even someone like me can't screw that up! LOL I can't wait to cook a roast! Sometimes the smallest little  things make us so happy.

If you notice, I have a new banner on my left sidebar for Farmhouse Primitives. Just click on the banner to SHOP THE WAGON! Pamela has the most amazing selection of primitive and colonial decor from treenware to curtains. Great prices too. Be sure to click over and pay her a visit.

Well, 5am will be here before I know it, so off to bed. Have a great evening.

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