Nov 1, 2009

Happy November and photography help

Wow, October just flew by, didn’t it? Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I just got some great news that my brother who lives in Va. is going to brave the elements and come up to see me at Thanksgiving. We don’t get to see each other that often and this will be his second trip up here this year. I”m just so excited he will be joining us for such a wonderful time of the year. And, he just told me he is bringing me the most wonderful Christmas present. When he was up this summer he showed me pictures of his old metal three seater glider. Do any of you remember these? Well if you check out ebay you’ll see they range from $300 to $600!! I couldn't believe it. So he found me one with 2 metal rocking chairs to go with it. They have recently been sand blasted and repainted and he got them for less than $150.00. Here is a picture of the one he has which is just like mine. I just love these old gliders an have not been able to find one around here.

Pictures 09-05-2009 066


(well at least to me)

I have a questions for all you photographers out there. Some of you take the most amazing pictures and I’m in having major difficulties in trying to take a certain picture. I have a lot of old primitive decorating books, and want to list some on ebay,but everytime I take pics of the inside pages I get a terrible glare. It looks awful. I use a Sony Cybershot which is a 7.2 megapixels. And you all know that presentation is everything when trying to sell an item. Does anyone know how to take a picture without all that glare and fuzziness? I’ve tried propping the book up, moved it around the room many times, and even standing over top of it, trying not to break my neck. Here are a few I took last night. If anyone can help I would be so grateful!!!

DSC01842 DSC01833



I hope to list these books sometime today so hopefully someone can help.

Thanks in advance!


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