Nov 26, 2008

Site Re-Design - what do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
I've been multi-tasking like crazy these last few days. Primitive Thymes Gift Shoppe has a whole new look thanks to Jeanne from Jean the Bean. She customized a new layout and graphics and it looks awesome. I've been tweaking it for the last few hours and wanted to know what you thought. Here's a screen shot of the new look. So what do you think. Now I have to get busy and upload some new items that I got for Christmas in between baking and cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner.
I just have to tell you about a cooking blog I ran across a couple of days ago called The Pioneer Woman Cooks. She has the best Thanksgiving recipes I've seen yet. I'm going to try several of her recipes this year including the one for stuffing. Here's the link to go and check it out.
Sounds so yummy! The neatest thing (especially for someone who somewhat challenged in the cooking department) are the step by step instructions complete with pictures. So cool!!
Well time to get off this computer and call it a night.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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