Dec 13, 2009

Tweaking and a new camera

It’s a rainy and snowy day here. A good day to do some baking and tweaking! I’ve been puttering all morning, really glad I don’t have to go out in this mess. The coal stove is keeping us toasty warm. Walking around moving and changing things around…..again. When I finally get it the way I want it, Christmas will be over. :-)

After weeks of research and asking fellow bloggers what kind of camera they use, I finally went out and bought a new camera last night. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was with my little Sony cyber shot. I just couldn’t get the results I wanted from a point and shoot camera. I am so excited with the new one. It’s a Canon Rebel XS digital SLR. I have by no means mastered this beast, but I have been playing around all day with it. I took some pics of a few more changes and additions to our Christmas decor. Here’s just a few. Now, keep in mind I still have a lot to learn. LOL

misc pics 050

misc pics 060

misc pics 047

misc pics 049

misc pics 053

misc pics 029

misc pics 030 misc pics 059

I love, love, love this camera! When I learn what all the settings are for, then I can really take some good pictures. The difference between this camera and my little point an shoot camera is amazing, don’t ya think?

I hope everyone is having a great relaxing Sunday afternoon. Now for the baking part of the day…..

Till next time.

1 sweet friends said:

Lisa on December 13, 2009 at 4:47 PM said...

WOW ~ Your home is beautiful and your camera takes great pictures. They are so crispi and clear and really show how wonderful your prim goodies truly are (lol). Yep, I think I will have to go take a look again. So much to look at and plum full of prim goodness!!

Prim Blessings,