May 31, 2009

Gazebo flowers and gardens

Hi Girls!
Hope y'all are having a great Sunday. It's kinda chilly here at 58 degrees. The wind makes it seem much cooler. Yesterday was much nicer and we got some flowers planted around the gazebo. I went to Hillside Gardens and looked around and they have gorgeous flowering bushes and flowers, but the prices were outrageous. After going to a few more places, I ended up at Lowes. They have a really nice garden center and got some annuals for the instant color that my boyfriend insisted on. He doesn't have the patience to wait for plants to bloom. I did get two really nice golden bushes that really pop next to the black mulch. I still have to get the flat rocks to put under the gazebo, but I like the way it turned out so far. You'll notice the ramp in the front which I"m going to add a walkway to with white stone.

Looks a lot better, huh? We still have to tweak it some to get it to stand straight. It wants to lean backwards for some reason. While I was outside snapping pics, I thought I would take a few more of some of the other gardens.

Hostas and ornanmental grasses by the fence

Hostas, daylillies by the back patio.

Daylillies and prim flag

Rake with hostas beside the garage.

Water wheel with hydrangeas by the front of the garage. It's not working yet this summer. The pump broke on it last year and we haven't got it going yet. One more thing to add to the "honey do list" I reckon.

I picked these pink clematis up yesterday to plant in the front near the garage. I thought they would look great next to the blue siding.

I guess I should go and fix supper now. Thanks to all of you who have visited and left such nice comments. Now I must go and visit your blogs!

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2 sweet friends said:

Loretta on May 31, 2009 at 7:49 PM said...

Hi Nancy. The gazebo looks gorgeous. You picked out some beautiful plants to go around it. Your hostas are HUGE! How many years old are they? Mine aren't half that size. I keep trying to click on your shop link under "be sure to visit me at" but a window comes up and says the web page cannot be displayed. Maybe Internet Explorer is having some problems. I've been having some problems with them lately and so have a lot of bloggers. I will try again tomorrow. I have you linked up at my shop. Thank you for sharing your beautiful property with us. Hugs, Loretta

Lisa on June 1, 2009 at 7:57 AM said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your gazebo is gorgeous and I love the plants you chose to put around it. Great pictures and I enjoyed looking! Can't wait to see your kitchen... I am sure the sage green will look GREAT!!