Jun 17, 2010

I really need to find time to post here more than twice a year. Is it find time or make time? Hmmmm.... With the warm weather finally here, there is so much to do outside. We just opened the pool last week. That was quite a job. Nice and clean and sparkly. Now it just needs to warm up a tad. Did a little planting in the flower beds and veggie garden. Well, the only thing I planted were potatoes. My mother-in- law did the rest.....  I kept telling her we would do it together, but like this blog I haven't been very consistent. You know how it is being pulled in a million directions. Not enough hours in the day when you work all day and have to come home and work too! Hope to post some pics soon of our new flag pole. We pretty much ripped the flower bed apart and I got rid of some my hostas, had way too many and I wanted color! That instant gratification you get from annuals. So I think we will go that route for this flower bed, maybe some reds, purples and yellows!

I hope all my friends and followers are having a great Summer! I will be back soon I hope. LOL

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